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Rift Headstart is on feb 24th
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Author:  aelo [ Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Rift Headstart is on feb 24th

For anyone interested rift planes of telara is starting up on feb 24 for a head start and officially launches on march 1. Since there ARe no raid spots in KGB and it does not look like there will be any openings soon in other 10 mans, I am gonna go and play this game for a while. With a preorder there will be a Headstart available to any who wish to play. As well as founders pricing at 9.99 per month for a 6 month commit.

I have been in alpha raid testing with my old guild, and I have really enjoyed learning some of those early raids as well as watching the devs immediately change things with our input. The raiding is challenging, and the gameplay and class building options allow for lots of great discussion and strategizing without the help of raid enhancing add ons to tell everyone what to do.

The game is easy enough to pick up if you played wow, all the default key binds are pretty much the same, and at first thought it was kind of a knock off with much better graphics. Even the pvp system on pve servers seems the same. The dungeon set up also feels similar in that there are normal and "expert" level dungeons. But as soon as you see your first invasion and are thrust into public groups then you know this game is truly different.

I have played a fair share of games on the mmo market (vanguard,eq2,aoc,aion,wow), but have never been able to pick up a game and be as fascinated with it as I am with this one. I am not calling this a wow killer, but at launch you will find an incredibly polished and balanced game that is easy to pick up and easier to lose yourself in it's depth.

I have had fun playing wow with all of you and if this game actually does go south, and don't bet on it, I would hope to come back and play with you guys again. In the meantime take good care of Azeroth, I am gonna take a break from it and try something with the potential to really be a great game. I will update this once I find the exact server we are going to play on, and my in game handle will be Sammey once I arrive in Telara.

You can also go check it out at riftgame.com

Went Guardian side on Byriel shard for those who want to know

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